891.6363 Standard Oil/310

The Persian Minister ( Alai ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2014

Sir: I have the honour to acknowledge, with thanks, receipt of your Excellency’s note, dated November 9th, in which you were good enough to inform me of the attitude of the United States Government in the matter of the oil concession which the Persian Government are desirous of granting to an independent and reputable American company.

I have reason to believe that no misapprehension exists in Teheran as to the attitude of impartiality consistently adopted by the Department towards the two competing companies, nor is there, to my knowledge, any change in the policy of the Persian Government regarding the bill passed by the Madjless and the determination to secure the cooperation of those American concerns which are best calculated to promote the interests of Persia in her economic and industrial development.

Accept [etc.]

Hussein Alai