891.6363 Standard Oil/304

The Secretary of State to the Persian Minister (Alai)

Sir: It is my understanding that the Persian Medjliss has passed a bill which contains the provision that the North Persian Petroleum Concession shall be given to an independent and reputable American company, that there has been a recent Cabinet change in Persia, and that, in view of the late elections, a new Medjliss may shortly bring up the question of the North Persian Concession for further consideration. Desiring therefore that the attitude of this Government in this matter should be entirely clear, particularly in view of the competition in North Persia between the two American companies, this Department has recently instructed the American Minister at Teheran to inform the Persian Government:

That this Government has no choice as between the competing American companies;
That it is prepared to support the legitimate interests of any reputable American company which is duly given a legal and valid concession in Persia;
That in furthering the principle of the Open Door and equality of opportunity it is the Department’s general policy to extend all proper diplomatic support to the American interests which may avail themselves of the opportunities thereby presented.

In bringing this information to your attention I take this opportunity to renew the assurances of my highest consideration.

Charles E. Hughes