The Secretary of State to the Minister in Norway (Swenson)

No. 66

Sir: The Department encloses for your information copies of notes dated February 9, 1920, and April 21, 1922,20 from the Norwegian Legation at this capital relating to the alleged occupation and annexation by subjects of Norway of the island of Jan Mayen, situated in the Arctic Ocean between Norway and Greenland.

The question of the nationality of this island has recently been considered by the Department, but the information in its possession has not permitted a definite decision in the matter. You are accordingly requested to make discreet inquiries whether the Norwegian Government in fact claims the ownership of the island, and if so, you will submit to the Department, if possible, a complete statement of the facts on which its claim to ownership is based.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Alvey A. Adee
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