The Norwegian Minister (Bryn) to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary of State: Acting under instructions from my Government I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that Mr. Hagbard Ekeroll, Civil Engineer, in a telegram from Jan Mayen of January 16, 1922, has reported to the Department for Foreign Affairs at Christiania, that he in the name of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (Det Norske Meteorologiske Institut) has annexed, with a view to permanent occupation, a territory of the unowned and up till now uninhabited Island of Jan Mayen in the Arctic Ocean, situated about 71 degrees north latitude and 8 to 9 degrees west longitude. The territory is to the West bounded in a line pointing the true South from a sign of annexation on the southern side of Wallrossgat to a sign of annexation at the Drivvedbukten; to the East the territory is bounded in a line pointing the true W. N. W. from a sign of annexation at the Presidentklippen to a sign of annexation at the northern end of the Nordlagunen; otherwise the territory is surrounded by the ocean. The part of the territory which is situated between the Kalbeierinsel and the Turnbuent has been occupied since August 8, 1921, by the Geophysical Expedition which has been conducted by Mr. Ekeroll, and the whole territory as above described has been occupied since November 12, 1921. During the summer and the fall of 1921 a wireless station has been erected on the territory.

I avail myself [etc.]

H. Bryn