817.00/2983: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Ramer ) to the Secretary of State

82. Department’s instruction No. 102 October 8, 1923. Note was sent as instructed to the Foreign Office on November 14th. This morning President Martinez informed me that it was necessary to give full consideration to contents of note before replying thereto on account of the seriousness of matters involved and that he would probably want to discuss later some of the points at issue. He said that he desired to continue the friendly relations with the United States Government that had been maintained by his party. He expressed no objection to Dodds and assistants coming the early part of next year to aid in starting the machinery of the new electoral law. When I informed him that their expenses will be paid by the Department he expressed doubt as to its [wisdom?] as it might be misconstrued here as interference on the part of the United States Government on both sides; assured him that the Department had no desire to interfere in their electoral problem but only desired to aid the Nicaraguan Government in putting into effect the new law.

It is my opinion that this Government will not want American observers here at the time of elections. Will keep Department informed.