The Secretary of State to the United States District Judge at New York ( Knox )

My Dear Judge Knox: Referring to your letter of July 11th last,37 with respect to the suit of the Oliver American Trading Company, Inc., against the United States of Mexico, in which you requested me to advise you of developments with respect to negotiations between the American and Mexican Commissioners, I am glad to inform you that those negotiations have reached a happy termination and have resulted in the recognition by this Government of the existing Government of Mexico. On Friday, August 31, 1923, it was formally announced by the Department of State that the two Governments “have resolved to renew diplomatic relations between them, and therefore, pending the appointment of ambassadors, they are taking the necessary steps to accredit, formally, their respective Chargés d’Affaires”, and on September 3d Mr. George T. Summerlin was formally accredited Chargé d’Affaires ad interim at Mexico City, and Mr. Manuel C. Téllez, the Mexican representative in Washington, presented his letter of credence as Chargé d’Affaires ad interim on the same date.

Faithfully yours,

Charles E. Hughes
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