711.1211/158a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico (Summerlin)

121. Mr. Téllez called today and delivered a telegram addressed to me by Mr. Pani in which he states that General Obregon has approved the declarations made by the Mexican Commissioners of the American-Mexican Commission which adjourned on the 15th of this month and makes the following suggestions in modification of the procedure suggested in the Department’s 119 August 22, 5 P.M.

“(a) That both chancelleries simultaneously make the following or a similar statement to the press: ‘The governments of Mexico and [Page 553] that of the United States in view of the reports and recommendations that their respective commissioners submitted as a result of the Mexico-American conferences held at the City of Mexico from May 14, 1923 to August 15, 1923 have resolved to renew diplomatic relations between them, and therefore, pending the appointment of ambassadors, they are taking the necessary steps to accredit, formally, their respective Chargés d’Affaires.’ I beg to suggest that this statement be made on Friday, August 31, 1923, or before, at any hour you may deem convenient so that President Obregon may confine himself in his message to Congress upon its inaugural session on September 1, 1923 to announce this resolution without having to enter into details that perhaps would be best to omit for the time being, (b) Subsequently, that is to say, for instance, ten or fifteen days after the date on which the respective Chargés d’Affaires may have been formally accredited, that is, diplomatic relations having been resumed, the conventions shall be signed as suggested by you.’

As to (a) I agreed and this announcement will be made substituting in the statement given out here “The Government of the United States and the Government of Mexico” and “American–Mexican Conferences” for the similar expressions in the statement above.

I also agreed that this statement be made on Friday August 31 at noon and so informed Mr. Téllez. I am quite agreeable that General Obregon should have the opportunity desired. I suggested that the formal accrediting by the governments of their respective Chargés d’Affaires be made at noon Monday September 3 and that the accrediting be done by telegram.

As to (b) I explained to Mr. Téllez that I thought ten or fifteen days too long and suggested that if the announcement be made of resumption of diplomatic relations as above described on August 31 the conventions could be signed on September 7 as originally suggested, that is to say one week after the announcement. I trust that this will be satisfactory.

Inform Mr. Pani of the foregoing and telegraph his reply.