711.1211/157b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico (Summerlin)

119. Please give to Mr. Pani the following personal message in my name:

“My dear Mr. Pani: I have examined the report of the proceedings of the American and Mexican Commissioners, at Mexico City, closing August 15, 1923,23 and I have submitted the same to President Coolidge. I have the honor to inform you that President Coolidge approves the statements and recommendations of the American Commissioners as therein set forth. I shall be glad to be advised by you that General Obregon approves the statements set forth in the said report as having been made by the Mexican Commissioners.

In the event that you are able so to advise me, I beg leave to suggest the following procedure with respect to the resumption of diplomatic relations. It seems to be advisable that we should agree upon a day on which the resumption of diplomatic relations should be formally announced. I suggest for this purpose Thursday, September 6, 1923, at noon. It is set forth in the report of the proceedings of the Commissioners that in the event that diplomatic relations are resumed, the two Conventions will be signed forthwith by duly authorized plenipotentiaries, and accordingly I suggest that the two Conventions as set forth in the report of the Commissioners shall be signed on Friday, September 7, 1923, at noon, the General Claims Convention at Washington, and the Special Claims Convention at Mexico City. Meanwhile, I shall forward appropriate power to Mexico City for the signing of the Special Claims Convention on September 7, and you can forward appropriate power to your representative at Washington for the signing of the General Claims Convention on the same day. It is of course understood, from what I have said above, that the note to be given by the United States Government, as recommended by the American Commissioners, will be given on the exchange of ratifications of the Conventions.

I shall be happy to be informed if this arrangement meets with your approval or of any modifications in it you may desire.

With cordial personal regards, I am, my dear Mr. Pani, Very sincerely yours, Charles E. Hughes.”

In delivering this message to Mr. Pani please inform him that I think it desirable that the arrangement above suggested should be held in confidence until I have received his approval of it and until an identic announcement is issued at the same time in Washington and Mexico City, a form of which I shall take pleasure in submitting to Mr. Pani as soon as I have received his answer to this message.

  1. Not printed; see Proceedings of the United States–Mexican Commission, Convened in Mexico City, May 14, 1923 (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1925).