894.48B/51: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Woods) to the Secretary of State25

President’s message of sympathy profoundly touched Japanese officials and appealed [appeals?] for aid and prompt despatch of American relief ship. It is essential, in order to preserve beneficial effect of this action, that no friction between American and Japanese subsequent development. Relief supplies should therefore be delivered to Japanese authorities on arrival and no attempt at distribution should be made by any American organization. Part Two. Small incident could turn present happy relation into hostile [apparent omission] as temper of populace is highly excitable. In view of this I have informed Vice Minister Tanaka that we will deliver to Japanese authorities upon arrival and have asked that person to receive them be designated. He will inform me through the [apparent omission]. Order is being maintained and by [time?] of arrival center and all necessary facilities for handling relief will have been [completed?].

  1. Received in paraphrase through Navy Department.