815.00/2670: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Morales) to the Secretary of State

73. I am convinced that a revolution in Honduras is imminent in the very near future instigated by either the Arias or Carias forces provoked by the strong imposition of Bonilla’s candidacy upon the electorate by the Government. To avoid a possible war and its lamentable consequences I respectfully submit the following for the Department’s consideration which I believe will avert a revolution: A conference on board a United States vessel at Amapala participated in by the President and the three Presidential candidates in an endeavor to bring about a satisfactory agreement whereby peace and free elections will be assured to the electorate as well as serving to dissipate the marked distrust that the various candidates entertain toward each other.

I have the hearty approval of the President to the above plan and he suggests that, provided the plan is approved by the Department, I accompany them to act as an observer. He stated that my presence would be a guarantee of good faith on the part of all participants.