815.00/2642: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras ( Morales ) to the Secretary of State

66. General Carias called at the Legation this morning and stated that he would be compelled to start the revolution if the Government persisted in harassing him and his partisans. He stated that he is losing prestige with his party by permitting the Government to continually insult him. His men are clamoring for the word to start the war and he fears it beyond his power to control them much longer. He further stated that Lagos was doing his utmost to provoke his adherents to fire the first shot. Also that Martinez Funes with 500 armed men is on the Nicaraguan frontier ready to invade Honduras on receipt of instructions from him.

A confidential agent of Carias just returned from San Salvador where he interviewed Fausto Davila. It appears from my information that Davila was requested to leave Salvador for the United States and be prepared to accept the candidacy of the National Party for President should the revolution be forced on Carias. Davila left San Salvador on the 24th instant presumably for the United States.

Gregorio Ferrara is at Esperanza with a force of armed men. It is difficult to determine which candidate he is supporting but he is believed to be a free lance and will join the first one who starts the revolution.

The President has requested that representations be made to Guatemala and Nicaragua to reconcentrate the Honduranean emigrados now organizing on those frontiers.

The Government has been sending men, arms, and ammunition to the north and south coasts during the last few days.