815.00/2571: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Morales) to the Secretary of State


43. Conference candidates for Presidency took place on May 7. President Gutierrez, Arias, Bonilla, Carias, and Colindres present. They were unable to agree upon a compromise candidate and accordingly all decided to run for office if they can secure from the President a guarantee of free elections. This the President agreed to give. … Last night I had an interview with all of the candidates and they told me that they would proceed with their campaigns until the Government names its candidate.

Just before the conference took place the President informed me that he was unable to attend as it was against the wishes of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and was sending Carlos Lagos to represent him. Whereupon I objected and told him that the candidates were expecting him and that the attendance of Lagos would defeat whatever purpose the conference might have. Finally I convinced him that no good results would come from the conference unless he attended. He agreed and came. Lagos was present when I interviewed the candidates last night.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .