868.48/415: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople ( Bristol ) to the Secretary of State

82. Department’s 50, March 24, 3 p.m. The danger of deportations exists in Mersina as well in Black Sea ports, in case those ports become overcrowded with refugees and no means of evacuation in sight, but in spite of threats on the part of local authorities no deportations have occurred during the present exodus of Christians, and the report mentioned in the Department’s above-mentioned telegram has not materialized. It is quite possible that these threats are made in order to urge the Greeks to send ships for these refugees. It is certain that these threats do have this effect upon the Near East Relief workers, working with the refugees. I have used my influence with the Angora Government and especially with Raouf Bey8 to protect the Greek refugees, but I find myself at times embarrassed [Page 329] by the changing attitudes of the Greek Government regarding exchange of prisoners and exchange of populations.

  1. President of the Turkish Council of Ministers.