868.48/875: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Greece ( Caffery )


14. Your telegram no. 56 of March 20. Presumably Colonel Haskell’s trip was made on his own initiative. Neither the Department nor the Red Cross was consulted. The object of the trip is possibly to make an investigation of the local situation in Turkey with a view to determining the policy of future relief work and the practicability of the repatriation of the refugees to their former homes. It is understood, however, that Colonel Haskell has no authority from the Red Cross, Mr. Hoover, or the American Relief Administration to make any proposals or commitments relating to the devastated regions in Turkey.

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Any steps which might be taken to help to effect a solution of the refugee problem would naturally be welcome to the Department and in the absence of more detailed information regarding the object of Colonel Haskell’s trip it is not considered that any action by the Department is required.

Department wishes a prompt telegraphic report giving any information on this subject and also an expression of your views.

Department has informed High Commission at Constantinople of the foregoing.