The Minister in Albania (Grant-Smith) to the Secretary of State

No. 11

Sir: I have the honor to report that upon applying to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a copy of the Concession reported to have been accorded to M. Justin Godart for Archeological research in Albania, I was informed, after some days delay, that, unfortunately, they found themselves unable to comply with my request because the concession had not as yet been reported from the Parliamentary Committee to which it had been referred and, consequently, the Ministry were not at liberty to make known its terms before it was come before the National Assembly at its next session.

I observed that since secrecy was thought necessary I found myself obliged to infer that the terms of the instrument must contain certain provisions inimical to the interests of Governments other than those of Albania and France; that it would be preferable for the Albanian Government to eschew secret diplomacy as otherwise they would come to be regarded with suspicion, with all the disadvantages that implied, and suggested the advisability of making it possible for me to become acquainted with the text of the concession in question. I remarked that it would be a pity to shut out American institutions of learning from the possibility of participating in such researches since once they became interested in the country, even in a small way, they would tend to attract the attention of others to its various advantages. Confidentially I learned that the French scheme contemplates a monopoly for archeological research throughout the country.

I have [etc.]

U. Grant-Smith