862T.01/577a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Herrick)

47. For General Allen.

Now that American forces have been withdrawn from the Rhineland, Department has decided to withdraw its observer with the Rhineland High Commission. Accordingly, you should take the earliest available occasion to present the following statement to the Commission:

“I am instructed by my Government to announce to you my retirement as unofficial observer with the Interallied Rhineland High Commission. My Government has maintained an unofficial observer with the Commission in order that it might be properly advised when promulgating regulations in the American zone of occupation, of the actions and general purposes of the Commission. In view of the withdrawal [Page 194]of the American forces of occupation, my Government feels therefore that the circumstances which warranted it in maintaining its unofficial observer with the Commission no longer exist.

“My Government further instructs me to express its sincere appreciation of the many courtesies which the Commission and its members have shown to the Government of the United States and to its unofficial observer.”37

You should transmit to the Department the records of your office in so far as these concern your work as American Observer with the High Commission.
  1. This statement was communicated by General Allen to the president of the Interallied Rhineland High Commission, on Feb. 3, 1923.