The Minister in Venezuela ( Cook ) to the Secretary of State

No. 487

Sir: With reference to the Department’s instruction No. 802 of May 29, 1923, and to the Legation’s despatches Nos. 381 and 417 of June 11th and July 18th, respectively, relative to the Instrument of Ratification of the Extradition Treaty with Venezuela, I have the honor to report that the Minister for Foreign Affairs has informed me that there is nothing that his Government can do in regard to including the English text in the instrument of ratification of the Extradition Treaty and additional article thereto, other than that mentioned in the memorandum enclosed with my despatch No. 417 of July 18th.

The only other treaty recently entered into between the United States and Venezuela was the Arbitration Treaty signed March 21, 1914.4 The ratifications were exchanged in Caracas February 12, 1921, and is [were] reported in Despatch No. 2,272 of February 16, 1921.5 However, there is nothing in the Legation’s files which indicate[s] whether or not the English text was included in the instrument of ratification.

I have [etc.]

Willis C. Cook
  1. Foreign Relations, 1921, vol. ii, p. 941.
  2. Not found in Department files.