839.00/2712: Telegram

The Commissioner in the Dominican Republic ( Welles ) to the Secretary of State

57. I am planning to leave Santo Domingo for the United States via Porto Rico on May 21. The Central Electoral Board will complete tomorrow the appointment of the remaining permanent electoral boards so that on May 19 all the provincial and municipal electoral boards will be installed and functioning. The Provisional Government has in readiness all the material regarding the registration and voting. It will thus be possible for the registration period to commence on the date set by the electoral code and in strict accordance with its provisions. Since the elections will be held on the 105th day after the commencement of the registration period and since the political activity of the electoral period will not commence until the 45th day before the date of the elections, I do not consider that my presence is required here until the early days of August.

The political parties have now all complied with the requirements of the electoral law by the inscription yesterday by the Central Electoral Board of the national coalition as a national political party. The political situation is remarkably quiet and I anticipate no trouble during the first 60 days of the registration period.

I shall report to the Department immediately after my return to the United States.