839.00/2706: Telegram

The Commissioner in the Dominican Republic ( Welles ) to the Secretary of State

56. Among the conditions placed upon the exercise of the Provisional Government by the members of the Commission under article 2 of the Plan of Evacuation4 is the provision that the term of office of the Provisional Government elected by them in September 1922 should expire August 16, 1923. It has of course been evident for some months past that the Provisional Government would be forced to function for a considerable period after that date. Recently rumors have been current that one of the political parties represented in the Commission would refuse to agree to the continuance of the Provisional President in office after the date originally set. While the rumors had no foundation in fact so far as the leaders of any one [Page 896] of the political parties were concerned and emanated only from a few politicians in the Liberal Party who had been unable to induce the President to deviate from his policy of strict impartiality, I have felt it highly desirable that some official announcement be made by the Commission that no change would be made in the Provisional Government after the expiration of the period originally set. The Commission yesterday therefore unanimously voted to prolong the term of office of the Provisional Government until December 31, 1923. Public announcement to this effect will be made as soon as the President’s formal agreement is obtained to continue in office for the time fixed. In the event that the execution of the Plan of Evacuation is not completed before January 1, 1924, the Commission agrees to continue the present Provisional Government in power for such further period after that date as may be necessary.