793.003 C 73/41

The Secretary of State to the Chinese Minister (Sze)

Sir: With reference to your Legation’s note of May 4, 1923, regarding the time and place for the meeting of the Commission on Extraterritoriality in China, provided for in the Resolution adopted on December 10, 1921, by the Washington Conference on the Limitation of Armament, I have the honor to inform you that the inquiry [Page 630] made by this Government of the Powers participating in or adhering to the Resolution as to the acceptability of the date, November 1, 1923, suggested in your note, has disclosed that certain of the Powers did not consider it feasible to begin the work of the Commission at that time. In the absence of unanimity of assent, therefore, it appeared impossible to convene the Commission in November of this year as proposed by your Government. On the other hand, the majority of the participating Powers have signified their assent to this Government’s suggestion that, in the event that the attitude of any of the interested Powers should require a postponement of the meeting of the Commission, such postponement should be to a definite date, for which purpose November 1 of next year was suggested.

Accept [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes