868.48/96: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Acting Secretary of State

184. Following from Davis repeated for the information of Department and American Red Cross:

“Twelfth. Only way to picture this refugee situation imagine refugees, some single, families, groups few to five thousand hidden in institutions or huddled here, there, moving, panic stricken, when irregulars begin shooting them. We are urging authorities to protect and place them in camp. These answer will do so but animosity of troops so great difficult and urge us place before foreign governments necessity of taking them away. Until this done one of worst refugee problems possible contemplate will continue here. Authorities say have not enough food for army so unable to help feed refugees. Unable as yet report on situation on islands probably can soon. Grave. Davis.”

Latest information from Mudania to the effect refugee situation here [there] fully as bad as Smyrna.