767.68/320: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Acting Secretary of State

182. My 181, September 14, noon. Following from Smyrna:

“Fire started 1 p.m. 13th in Armenian quarter, European section town almost completely destroyed, Consulate completely destroyed. Codes, funds and important documents saved. Consul searching for temporary quarters. Fire still raging, all American-born accounted for, 10 at Paradise with American and Turkish guard, 14 naturalized Americans missing. All men-of-war in harbor loaded with refugees. Edsall sailed 8 a.m. for Salonika with 600, Winona sailed 4 p.m. today for Piraeus carrying about 400 refugees consisting of scholars, employees and attendants of American benevolent, business and consular organizations. Upon return Edsall propose send Litchfield Constantinople. Signed Hepburn.”11

  1. Capt. A. J. Hepburn, senior U. S. naval officer at Symrna.