868.48/95: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Acting Secretary of State

183. Following delayed telegram from Davis repeated for information of Department and American Red Cross:

“Eleventh. In interview today with Noureddin Pasha, commander of Turkish forces Smyrna, placed before him in name of American committee your views regarding restoration of refugees to their homes immediately under full protection to life and property. He replied that complete destruction of country by retreating Greek Army made this forever impossible and refugees must leave country or be taken away, frankly stating safety of life could not be assured. Believe this is final decision Nationalist Government as solution of race problem. This opens large question with many pros and cons and do not feel prepared to comment at this time but it makes certain the need of large relief work here. Representatives of American institutions and business men cooperating splendidly and immediate needs of refugees being covered. Davis.”