Memorandum by Mr. Douglas Jenkins of the Division of Russian Affairs, Department of State

opposition to inter-allied technical board of chinese eastern railway

Recent despatches from the American Consulate at Harbin indicate a vigorous effort, presumably on the part of the Chinese authorities, to create the impression that the Chinese people in North Manchuria are demanding that the Inter-Allied Technical Board be abolished. Consul Hanson telegraphs (LB. 861.77/2511)70 that on April 25 [27], 2000 Chinese paraded through the streets of Harbin displaying banners and placards demanding that the Technical Board be abolished. The Consul expresses the belief that this demonstration was instigated by Dr. C. C. Wang, whom the Chinese Government recently appointed as President of the Railway.

In his despatch No. 17, dated March 17 [7], (I.B. 861.77/2512 [2495])70 Consul Hanson transmits a copy of an article from the [Page 894] Chinese newspaper—The International—in which reference is made to a resolution adopted by the Chinese of Harbin demanding the removal of the Technical Board. The newspaper argues that the objects for which the Board was created no longer exist and charges that Mr. John F. Stevens, the American representative and President of the Board, endeavored to have the railway placed under international control, for his personal advantage and against the interests of China.

In his despatch No. 50, of March 29, (I.B. 861.77/2512)71 the Consul refers to still another article in The International in which the Technical Board is accused of trying to increase its powers over the railway. Consul Hanson concludes with the statement he has been given to understand that prominent Russians connected with the railway also wish the Technical Board abolished and the control of the railway placed in the hands of the diplomatic and consular representatives of the United States, Great Britain, France and Japan. Consul Hanson mentions in his despatch No. 44, of March 27, (I.B. 861.77/2514)71 that anonymous manifestos attacking the Board have been distributed in Harbin.

Finally, in his despatch No. 57, of March 31, (861.77/2516)71 Consul Hanson transmits a copy of an article published in The Peking and Tientsin Times, of March 28, reporting that various organizations (Chinese) and patriotic societies in various cities in North Manchuria, had forwarded a circular telegram to the Peking Government demanding the Technical Board be abolished.

In connection with Consul Hanson’s reports, it may be recalled that during the recent Conference in Washington, at which the Chinese Eastern Railway was considered, similar evidence of organized propaganda, in Harbin and elsewhere in North Manchuria, directed against the proposed international control of the railway, were brought to the attention of the Department. At that time it was generally believed this propaganda was instigated by the Chinese military and civil authorities. The present fight against the Technical Board doubtless originates from the same source.

D[ouglas] J[enkins]
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