867.602 Ot 81/177

The Ottoman-American Exploration Company, Inc., to the Secretary of State40a

Sir: This is to certify that Rear Admiral C. M. Chester, U.S. Navy, has been appointed as the representative of this Corporation for the purpose of conducting negotiations on our behalf with respect to concessions for Oil, Mineral and Railroad rights and matters incidental thereto in Asia Minor.

We bespeak for him the cooperation of the Government in accordance with the resolution passed by the Senate at its last session and the Act of Congress of March 14th, 1921, making appropriations for arranging a survey for oil in foreign lands.

Also it is requested that Admiral Chester may be furnished suitable credentials to our foreign ambassadors and Government officials as will enable him to carry on his work.


Ottoman-American Exploration Company, Inc.,
John R. MacArthur
, Vice President
  1. Letter presented to Department by Admiral Chester, presumably on May 24.