311.6124/91: Telegram

The Commissioner at Riga ( Young ) to the Acting Secretary of State

304. Supplementing my January 15, 2 p.m. Latvian authorities now have no objection whatever to further deportations to Soviet Russia via Latvia providing early notice be given them through this office of expected arrivals deportees at Latvian ports, provided further that a representative of the Department of Labor informally arranges with Latvian representative at New York for necessary visas, and that the sum of $3 to cover rail transportation through Latvia be paid to Latvian representative at New York for each deportee who will then be given a certificate entitling him to such transportation. In view food shortage in Latvia the authorities here would be glad if a three days’ food supply could be furnished by our officials to each deportee for use by such deportee while in transit through Latvia. Please reply by telegraph whether foregoing is satisfactory to Department of State and Department of Labor.