361.1121 K 55/147: Telegram

The Vice Consul in Charge at Reval (Perkins) to the Secretary of State

The Soviet Mission here has just delivered to this office a copy of a telegram received from Litvinov in Moscow which reads as follows:

Inform at once the American consul enclosing copy of this telegram that all Americans in prisons and camps at Moscow are being [Page 801] sent today to the frontier in number of six. Their names are Kilpatrick, Kalamatiano,7 Estes, Flick,8 D. Lamark,9 Haselwood. If other additional are found in Petrograd they will be included in the party. It is not [apparent omission] whether these men will be sent to Reval or Riga.

  1. Xenophon B. Kalamatiano, an American citizen, was arrested in Russia in 1918 on the charge of military espionage and imprisoned under death sentence.
  2. John Flick, arrested upon entering Russia with Weston B. Estes in the summer of 1920.
  3. Arrested in 1920.