361.11/3701: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Norway (Schmedeman)

19. Your No. 12, April 12, 3 p.m. and No. 16, May 5, noon. Please deliver the following message to Nansen:

“The Government of the United States appreciates very highly your friendly and humanitarian activity on behalf of the American citizens imprisoned or detained in Soviet Russia and asks that you continue to do everything possible to obtain their release, or the amelioration of their condition pending release.

Any suggestion from you concerning the most efficacious method of procedure will be welcomed. A condition precedent to any communication of any nature whatsoever between this Government and those who are responsible for the detention and imprisonment of the American citizens in Soviet Russia, is the safe delivery of these citizens into friendly hands beyond the Soviet borders. (Signed) Charles E. Hughes.”

[Page 795]

Please say further to Nansen that as public opinion in the United States is becoming more and more exercised by the detention and imprisonment of American citizens in Soviet Russia, it would be desirable to make the foregoing message to him public in the United States, and ask if he believes that this would interfere with his efforts for the release of the Americans, or would in any way embarrass him personally.

Cable reply.