The Secretary of State to the Chairman of the United States Shipping Board (Lasher)

Sir: In connection with my letters to you of August 9 and August 13, 1921,88 with reference to the question of Shipping Board vessels entering Soviet ports, I now have the honor to summarize below the views of this Department, reached after a further consideration of this matter:

The Shipping Board may, if found desirable, allow its vessels to enter Soviet ports, but whenever possible it would seem advisable that they carry supplies for the American Relief Administration;
This Department would appreciate being advised in advance of actual sailings of the names of the vessels proceeding to Soviet ports, the destinations, the cargoes carried, the names of the shippers and consignees;
Shipping Board vessels should not be permitted to carry passengers from Soviet ports without referring the matter to this Department for its decision;
Except in cases of extreme emergency, Shipping Board vessels should not be allowed to ship seamen or discharge seamen in Soviet ports;
Shipping Board vessels may carry general cargo from Soviet ports;
Special precautions should be taken against stowaways and against the transporting of Bolshevik propaganda.

I have [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes
  1. Neither printed.