811.348 Z 4/73: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Harvey) to the Secretary of State

826. Re German airship: Have yesterday addressed note number 225 to the Foreign Office in accordance with your telegram 590, October 13, 4 p.m., which apparently crossed telegram to Geddes instructing him to explain British point of view. British representative on Conference of Ambassador has been instructed to defer discussion until conclusion of negotiations between London and Washington.

Am informed that British Government is fearful lest French will use construction of airship for us as a pretext for continuing Aeronautical Commission of Control which British claim is unnecessary and which they have constantly opposed for reasons of policy and economy.

Feel that British opposition is based on this fear and that Japanese may demand similar airship. They intimate that they will support our request provided it will not delay abolition of Commission and provided we reach agreement with Japanese. They are sanguine that question regarding Reparations Commission (see paragraph 8, my 803) can be easily adjusted.

Repeated to Paris.