760n.61/7: Telegram

The Commissioner at Riga (Young) to the Secretary of State

407. Department’s 61, May 7, 5 p.m. There is no indication of intention Bolsheviks to endeavor effect through military measures conquest and absorption Baltic States. Intensive propaganda has been carried on by Bolsheviks for past year in each of the three states but with comparatively little success. These propaganda efforts are largely counteracted by the large number of nationals returning from Soviet Russia to Balkan [Baltic] States.

I unhesitatingly recommend immediate de jure recognition Esthonia and Latvia with recognition de jure of Lithuania coincidentally with or immediately following similar action by European powers. The present Government apart from [sic] Moscow must continue to move to the right or fall and our manufacturers and exporters interested in Russian trade should be establishing at Reval and Riga bases for future operations.