The Acting Secretary of State to the French Ambassador ( Jusserand )

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of January 3, 1921,62 informing me that urgent representations have been made to the French Government by delegates of Latvia and Georgia looking towards the recognition of these States; that [Page 753] this question, in the opinion of the French Government, can only be decided by an agreement between the Allied Powers; that such an agreement may be held to exist as a result of the decision of the League of Nations regarding the admission of these two countries into the League; and that, although the United States has not as yet ratified the Covenant of the League of Nations, the President of the Council, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the French Government, would be pleased to be acquainted with the views of the American Government in the premises and to know whether this Government considers possible and opportune a modification of the position it has hitherto taken towards the Governments of Latvia and Georgia.

This Government, as your Excellency is well aware, desires to act as far as possible in accord with the Governments with which it was associated in the war. It does not appear, however, that in the actual situation circumstances are so altered as to warrant a change from the attitude outlined in the note of August 10, 1920, regarding Russian affairs, addressed to his Excellency the Italian Ambassador,63 with which your Government was duly acquainted.

Accept [etc.]

Norman H. Davis