861a.01/112: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Warren) to the Secretary of State


379. Following summarizes telegram from Caldwell dated November 4:

Purpose of his visit to Chita was explained by Caldwell to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Janson. The latter did not raise question of recognition but said in reply that it was his hope that permanent commercial relations between the United States and Chita might be the outcome of Caldwell’s visit. Late arrival of some [Page 749] delegates has delayed opening of National Assembly. Referring to telegraphic instructions from the Department to the Consul at Vladivostok, Caldwell requested Janson to give him copies of treaties or agreements arrived at between the Chita government and any other or information concerning them. The Minister of Foreign Affairs replied that none had been made. He also said that although he could not supply a copy of any agreement being negotiated he would give Caldwell information concerning the general character of such agreements. Janson also said that at the conference at Dairen Japan had made some concessions and he thought that the Chita government and Japan would reach some agreement there. The authorities at Chita seem very friendly and are eager to give assistance. Caldwell is sending his telegrams to Harbin consulate from where they are relayed as it is not possible to telegraph further from Chita. I am enclosing complete text in a despatch.56

  1. Not printed.