123 C 12/132: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan (Warren)


164. Your telegrams 31253 and 313 of September 23. The following is for repetition to Peking as Department’s 265, with such further information as you may need to add regarding the purposes of Caldwell’s visit, to enable the Legation to understand this instruction.

Inform Yourin when he returns to Peking that you understand Consul Caldwell is starting for Chita and express your personal opinion that the Chita authorities would be well advised not to raise any complications but to allow him to go to Chita without hindrance. This communication to Yourin should be made unofficially and informally by such method as seems best.

Doubtless the conditions under which individual Russians are granted visas to enter the United States are generally understood in the Far East.

  1. Not printed.