861.00/8798: Telegram

The Chargé in Japan (Bell) to the Secretary of State

237. Following from Davis, Abbott at Harbin:

“July 6th, arrived today. Conditions in Chita continue normal and are improving commercially. Majority of [outside] press reports wholly untrue. No internal disturbances and government confident of ability to cope with Ungern and [Semenov] barring unforeseen complications. … Kraussnochokoff [Krasnoshchehov] now in Chita. He does not desire so much formal recognition by the United States as permission to send a delegation to America to state their [case and their] needs promising to abstain absolutely from propaganda. He is also keenly desirous that America announce the terms of her participation in the Siberian intervention, failure to do so puts America in the position of approving the action of her ally Japan since no public statement accompanied the withdrawal of our troops. Japan and Semenoff influence in Chita insignificant, … Prospects for harvest good. No reason why Americans should not travel freely. Paper money abolished and hard money scarce which limits trade. Good opportunities for investment development. We think [status quo] will be maintained. Moscow decision reserved, Crane left Chita July 2nd for Petrograd. Abbott hopes to leave for America early in August.”

Davis and Abbott arrive in Tokyo July 13th.