033.61a11/—: Telegram

Mr. Alexander M. Krasnoshchekov to the Secretary of State

Allow me in the name of the Far Eastern Republic and the Constituent Assembly now in session to ask you to deliver to your Government the following request: The Constituent Assembly composed in [Page 735] its greatest majority of peasant representatives considering the ways and means for mutual information and for the establishment of peaceful commercial and political interrelation with the United States of America and especially for the close study of the highly developed structure of the economic organization of the industrial and particularly agricultural life so important for the regeneration of the Far East, considers advisable the sending of a special Assembly commission mostly peasant accompanied by an attaché of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs into the United States. An answer to this request which I hope will be favorable would be appreciated in the nearest future before the close of the Assembly which will take place in the early spring. Particular arrangements about the number and composition of the commission could be, in case of favorable decision, made through the consul of the United States America at Vladivostok.

Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Far Eastern Republic,