811.348 Z 4/63: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Harvey )


552. Your telegram no. 761, September 19. You are authorized to make formal request, emphasizing your earlier arguments by mentioning the fact that, in anticipation of delivery of the ZR–2 by British Government, the United States organized and trained a large airship personnel and made heavy investments in airship sheds and gas plants; and that, considering the ZR–2 disaster, opposition of British Air Ministry to our obtaining a substitute seems untimely.

You may, in your discretion, state that an unfortunate impression would be created in the United States if Great Britain, especially after the accident to ZR–2, continued opposition to our acquiring an airship similar to the one already delivered by Germany to Great Britain.

Copy of this instruction, together with Department’s 536 of September 12, should be sent to Paris Embassy for its information, [Page 62] adding that Italian representative on Council of Ambassadors has been given instructions to support our claim at next meeting, scheduled for this week. Prompt action essential.