462.00 R 29/768

The British Ambassador ( Geddes ) to the Secretary of State

No. 359

Sir: On instructions from my Government, I have the honour to inform you that the German Ambassador in London this morning handed to the Prime Minister, as President of the recent meeting of the Supreme Council in London, a note couched in the following terms, in reply to the resolution of the Allied Powers of May 5th.

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It will be observed that this note conveys an unconditional acceptance of the Allied terms.

“Mr. Prime Minister:

“In accordance with instructions just received I am commanded “by my Government, in accordance with the decision of the “Reichstag and with reference to the resolution of the Allied “Powers of the 5th of May 1921, in the name of the new German “Government to declare as desired the following:

“The German Government is resolved (1) to carry out without “reserve or condition their obligations as defined by the Reparation “Commission, (2) to accept and to carry out without reserve or “condition the guarantees in respect of these obligations prescribed “by the Reparation Commission, (3) to carry out without reserve “or delay the measures of military, naval and aerial disarmament “notified to the German Government by the Allied Powers in their “note of January 29th 1921, those overdue being completed at once “and the remainder by the prescribed dates, (4) to carry out with “out reserve or delay the trial of the war criminals and to execute “the other unfulfilled portions of the treaty referred to in the first “paragraph of the note of the Allied Governments of the 5th of “May. I ask the Allied powers to take note immediately of this “declaration.

“etc. etc.

(Signed) Sthamer.”

I have [etc.]

(For the Ambassador)
H. G. Chilton