823.73 All America Cables Co./16: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru ( Gonzales )

21. Your April 1, 3 p.m.

You are instructed to state to the President that this Government would appreciate the continued withholding of his signature to the tentative contract signed by the Minister of the Interior with the representative of the Marconi Company temporarily. You should state that the Department is advised by the All America Cables Company that it has notified the Peruvian Government in writing, some months ago, that it intended to take up its wireless rights under its cable concession and that it is anxious to dispel the apparent misunderstanding of its position by the Peruvian Government. You should inform the President that this Government would deeply regret the granting by the Peruvian Government of a concession to the Marconi Company which would prevent American radio companies from operating in Peru and that the Department believes that propositions will be made in the near future by American companies to the Peruvian Government for the right to operate in Peru. You may likewise add that from the advice received by this Government, there is not sufficient traffic in Peru to make it possible for two companies to operate international radio installations in that Republic, and that in view of the rights already held by the All America Cables Company, it would seem highly desirable that the national radio service and the international radio service in Peru should be operated either by that company or by some company associated with it.

It is possible that the All America Cables Company may be able to effect arrangements with the Radio Corporation so as to lead to an association with the former company in operating the radio service in Peru. As soon as an understanding on this point has been reached, you will be advised by cable.7

Report to the Department by cable the result of your conference with the President and keep the Department closely advised of all developments in the situation.

  1. After the two telegrams, below, from the Ambassador, no further instruction on this subject was sent him.