891.6363 Standard Oil/86

The British Ambassador (Geddes) to the Secretary of State

No. 965

My Dear Mr. Secretary: As you are no doubt aware the Counsellor and Commercial Counsellor of this Embassy had an interview on the 17th instant with the Under Secretary of State and the Assistant Secretary of State on the subject of the negotiations which have recently been taking place between the Anglo-Persian Oil Company [Page 655] and the Standard Oil Company regarding the Oil concessions in Northern Persia.

It was suggested by Mr. Broderick that, if it became necessary for either the United States Government or His Majesty’s Government to take any action in connection with the Northern Persia concessions, neither Government should take any definite step without first informing the other.

Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Dearing both agreed to this as well as to the suggestion that nothing should be done to encourage the Persian Government in the efforts they are undoubtedly making to play off the United States Government against His Majesty’s Government.

I have the honour to convey to you the sincere thanks of my Government for this undertaking given by Mr. Fletcher.

I am to state that Lord Curzon will certainly take no definite step in Oil concession matters in Northern Persia without informing the United States Government, and I am to add that His Lordship is glad to feel that he may expect reciprocity in this matter. Lord Curzon is particularly gratified to learn that the United States Government will not encourage any endeavours on the part of the Persian Government to play off the United States Government against His Majesty’s Government.

Believe me [etc.]

A. C. Geddes