891.6363 Standard Oil/76: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Harvey ) to the Secretary of State


989. The Foreign Office, in reply to friendly question, used a tone of some sharpness in alluding to the notification addressed informally by the British Embassy to the Department on the 7th of last October.30 I have learned, that copy of Department’s note of October 1531 has been transmitted to Foreign Office by Geddes, but they seem to wish to refrain from comment until their own reply is ready, and are disinclined to discuss, at least informally, the legality of British claims. I was told privately by official of Foreign Office that Greenway of Anglo-Persian and Bedford of [Page 653] Standard Oil had met in London recently, and that it was understood they had arrived at informal agreement to operate jointly. This understanding may put stop to dissensions. The same official stated his supposition that delay in replying to Department’s note of October 15 might be due to expectation of cooperation between the two interests. My own opinion is that this suggestion is used as a feeler and is prompted by desire for such an agreement, and does not indicate that an agreement already exists.

My note no. 287 of November 1732 is yet unanswered.

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