891.6363 Standard Oil/37

The British Ambassador ( Geddes ) to the Secretary of State 19

No. 750

His Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador presents his compliments to the Secretary of State and has the honour to draw attention to the following circumstance:

Reliable reports have been received by His Majesty’s Government to the effect that the Persian Government is offering to an American group an oil concession in Northern Persia on the ground that the former Russian rights, acquired by a Russian subject named Khoshtaria, have lapsed. His Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador is instructed to point out that these rights were taken over in proper form some time ago by a British firm and that His Majesty’s Government have left the Persian Government in no doubt that the British right to the concession is valid and, if questioned, will receive official support.

His Majesty’s Ambassador has the honour to add that he has been instructed to bring these facts in the friendliest way to the notice of the United States Government, so that any American parties contemplating the acquisition of this concession, which is thus being irregularly offered by the Persian Government, should be in no doubt as to the real position.

  1. Left at the Department by H. G. Chilton, Counselor of the Embassy.