235.11 B 76/93

The Chargé in Paraguay ( Dickson ) to the Secretary of State

No. 890

Sir: I have the honor to acquaint you with reference to my despatch No. 864 of August 29th8 and of a conversation I have had with the Sub-Secretary of the Foreign Office, Señor E. Egusquiza, at which time we viewed the original treaty of extradition between the United States and Paraguay and expressed our opinion respecting Article II paragraph 19, as published in the pamphlet series No. 584.

The question of interpretation of paragraph 19 from Spanish into English is not exactly the same but as the original treaty signed by Nicolay A. Grevstad and Doctor Eusebio Ayala is in both English and Spanish the Paraguayan Government withold [will hold?], according to Mr. Egusquiza’s interpretation of the matter, that False Testimony is the same as Perjury according to the English version of the definition of Perjury.

Mr. Egusquiza also pointed out that Doctor Eusebio Ayala, the Paraguayan signatory of the treaty was sufficiently well versed in the English language to be certain of the exact meaning thereof.

I have [etc.]

Samuel S. Dickson
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