411.19 L 22/963

The Panaman Chargé (Lefevre) to the Secretary of State


Excellency: I have the honor to notify Your Excellency that as soon as I received your esteemed note of June 24 last, I sent a copy of the document to my Government for its information and proper action, as I duly informed Your Excellency.

On the 8th of this month my Government answered me on the subject, stating that, while reserving the right to ask later on that the Mixed Commission provided by the Canal Treaty meet to consider the pending questions and while taking into account the fact that the owners of the condemned land in Taboga Island are inclined to settle directly with the Canal authorities in accordance with proposals made to them by the latter, my Government has decided to suspend for the present the action which it was taking through this Legation in order to have the aforesaid Mixed Commission meet; however, it has resolved at the same time to support the action of the Taboga islanders to the end that the Canal authorities, who appear to have suspended their proposals of direct settlement between them and the condemned property owners, may come to a final agreement on the subject without delays which are detrimental to the Taboga inhabitants.

Accordingly my Government asks me to endeavor to secure the cooperation of the Department under Your Excellency’s worthy charge for the purpose of inducing the War Department to give the necessary instructions to the said Canal authorities to reach a direct settlement with the interested Taboga islanders in the matter, on the basis which these authorities themselves had suggested and which [Page 622] appear to be acceptable to the Tabogans, but without this implying that Panama waives the right to ask that the Mixed Commission meet if it should be necessary.

I consider that the satisfactory settlement of the questions pending in connection with the occupation of certain lands in Taboga will be mutually beneficial to our respective Governments, for which reason I doubt not that Your Excellency will see that the Secretary of War complies with this just demand of my Government, and thank Your Excellency accordingly in advance.

I avail myself [etc.]

J. E. Lefevre