462.00 R 29/694½

Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation with the British Ambassador (Geddes), April 28, 1921

German Reparations. The British Ambassador said that his Government desired him to thank the Secretary for the manner in which the question had been presented, and to say that the attitude of this Government was very welcome; that on a preliminary consideration, the British Government found the German proposals unacceptable as the Ambassador supposed that we would find them unacceptable; but that the question whether they could be taken as a basis for discussion was under consideration and that a Cabinet meeting was to be held today and that as soon as advised of the result, he would communicate further with the Secretary. The Ambassador said that the British had been put in a very difficult position; that they had had to deal alone with the French and they were very grateful for the way in which we had come into the matter, and that he wished to repeat that the action that the Secretary had taken and the attitude shown by this Government were very cordially appreciated.

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