462.00 R 29/3458

Memorandum by the Under Secretary of State (Fletcher) of a Conversation between the Secretary of State and the Japanese Ambassador (Shidehara), April 25, 1921

The Japanese Ambassador called. The Secretary informed the Ambassador that he had a memorandum on the German reparations proposals, which we would communicate to him informally. After reading part of same, the Ambassador asked if he might have a copy. The Secretary informed him that he might keep the copy which he had, on the understanding that it was in no way a communication from this Government, but merely for his personal information; that the United States only wished to be helpful to the Allies in this matter; that he would be glad to hear from the Italian [Japanese] Government whether after studying these proposals they cared to have them communicated officially; that if they did not so care, the matter would be dropped.

The Ambassador said that he understood perfectly that he was receiving the information in a purely personal, unofficial way.