462.00 R 29/681: Telegram

The Commissioner at Berlin ( Dresel ) to the Secretary of State


442. In separate telegram I am sending note of German Government regarding reparation proposals. Simons handed me the note at 9 tonight. At first he authorized its immediate publication because of aroused public opinion in Germany which obviously affects life and death of 60 million people. Immediately afterwards, however, he telephoned requesting me to consider it confidential so American Government would have a chance for calm consideration of the request in penultimate paragraph. He will take the party leaders into his confidence tomorrow but will ask their help in preserving secrecy and will only give the Reichstag the general lines of note.

Simons then told me he has handed the Chancellor his resignation. Having traveled in Switzerland and Italy, he had obtained some impressions of what is needed in reparation questions which varied with [Page 46] those of Reichstag and German people. He had therefore no option but resign. I asked whether this note then had his acquiescence. He replied in affirmative that it had agreement of entire Cabinet.