715.1715/206: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Jefferson ) to the Secretary of State

39. Late yesterday afternoon and last night Nicaraguan telegraph operators at Somoto and Limay informed the Government that a revolutionary expeditionary force of approximately 400 to 600 had proceeded from Choluteca and Yuscuran, Honduras, and invaded Nicaragua; that it had occupied Somoto and Limay and moved on Cinco Pinos and San Francisco; that Policarpo Sánchez and Concepción Peralta, Nicaraguans recently [employed] by the Honduran Government, were heading the movement there.

During the last week Nicaraguan Government has had strong suspicions that a concerted move was on foot to cause an uprising here. … A telegram of warning was sent by the Government of Costa Rica to the President of Nicaragua stating that a revolutionary band of about 80 men were preparing to invade Nicaragua from Costa Rica. Nicaraguan Government has sent military forces to both the Honduran and Costa Rican frontiers and the President today decreed martial law.

In view of the above I would suggest the Department send a man-of-war to Fonseca Bay and prolong the Dolphin’s visit to Bluefields. I also advise that an energetic note be sent through the Legations in Honduras and Costa Rica insisting that these Governments take immediate steps to suppress military expeditions organized on their territory for the purpose of invading this country. I shall keep the Department informed.