811.111/33796: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico (Summerlin)

95. Your 137, June 11.

Department is submitting to President for signature Executive Order reading in part as follows:45

“On and after July 1, 1921, citizens of Mexico desiring to enter the United States through Mexican Border ports, may do so without presenting to the Control Officers at Border ports any travel document whatsoever, provided such persons have been residents of the forty mile border zone for a period of one year or more and are otherwise admissible; and that such persons are known to the United States Immigration Officials. If such persons are unknown to the United States Immigration Inspectors they will be required to present proof, satisfactory to the Immigration Officers, that they are bona fide residents of the forty mile zone.”

Order also provides that any alien domiciled in this country who visits 40 mile Border zone of Mexico, may return to this country within 6 months without passport. All other aliens, as well as Mexicans [Page 525] residing without Border zone required to present visaed passports.

Advised Foreign Office informally that it is proposed to put above order into effect as soon as this Government receives definite assurances of reciprocal action by Mexico. Please report by telegraph.

  1. The order was submitted to the President June 24, signed June 25, as no. 3505, and returned to the Department of State June 27 (received June 28). This telegram was drafted June 26.