811.111/33630: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico ( Hanna )

67. Department has under consideration advisability abolishing all passport requirements with respect to residents of 40–mile zones on border, so that persons who have resided in the 40-mile zone on either side of the Mexican border for more than a year prior to entrance into this country, except Russians and hostile aliens, upon satisfying United States authorities at ports of entry of such residence, may enter American border zone without passports or border cards, provided they are otherwise admissible. Proposed plan will be put into effect provided Mexican authorities along border are given corresponding instructions with respect to bona fide residents in 40-mile zone who may wish to cross into Mexican zone. No visas will be required under this arrangement.

Please take up informally with appropriate authorities, pointing out benefit that will result to border business intercourse, and request that the matter be given immediate consideration. Report results.